We love our customers. Here are a few kind words that they had to say about their experience with Unique Japan.
Unique Japan is extraordinary. Their merchandise is superb and of the highest quality, prices are very competitive, and their customer service is second to none. I purchased both an antique Edo-period [Kinmichi] wakizashi sword and a set of custom-engraved R4 Damascus kitchen knives, and my wife and I are thrilled with them.
What is particularly remarkable about Unique Japan is their dedication to premium customer service at all times. From my first email to him, Mr. Kuntz has always treated me as if I were one of his close friends or relatives. He and his staff consistently deliver a finer product than expected, sooner than promised. I wholeheartedly recommend Unique Japan to everyone interested in fine Japanese antiques and collectibles.
Thank you, Unique Japan!
John Ringquist, MD / U.S. Navy
The blade is beautiful, and everything you said it would be.
Thank you so much…

Louis Anzolut, New York
Proud owner of A Naotsugu sunnobi-tanto from the late Edo period

I am pleased to report that the Motohira Wakizashi arrived today! It is a very beautiful sword, such fine craftsmanship and just a wonderful work of art! I am very happy with everything you have done! I feel privileged to be able to care for this sword and it is my hope that one day I will pass it on to one of my sons and that its significance will be carried on from generation to generation. Thanks again Pablo and best wishes to you!

David B., Saskatchewan, Canada

Pablo excels in customer service without limit to the date the purchase was made. If you have a question or problem, he will help answer it, or provide a solution. Conducting business with Pablo, extends beyond an investment. It will carry on into many happy years of customer satisfaction and peace of mind.
When you purchase from Pablo your buying more than just a sword or knife, you’re getting peace of mind and gaining a friend and sensei in the art of samurai swords.

Jonah, Okinawa Japan

Nella ricerca della mia prima katana ho avuto la fortuna di trovare sul web questo sito. La mia esperianza è stata altamente positiva. Pablo non solo è un profondo conoscitore in questo campo, ma anche un persona squisita con un grande rispetto del cliente. Mi ha aiutato nella scelta, fornendomi tutte le informazioni che di volta in volta gli chiedevo (e sono state tante), con enorme pazienza e gentilezza.
La spedizione poi è stata perfetta, veloce e perfettamente imballata. Non posso che raccomandare Unique Japan a tutte quelle persone che vogliono avere il piacere di possedere un oggetto prezioso, che ha fatto per secoli la storia del Giappone.
Grazie Pablo !
(in English below)
I purchased my first katana few months ago through Unique Japan. My experience was extraordinary positive. Pablo not only is a remarkable expert in this field, but also he has a fantastic customer attitude. He helped me in the choice providing all the info I needed with patience and kindness. The shipping was great: well packaged and and fast. And the “sword” is wonderful.
I strongly recommend Unique Japan if you are going to buy an authentic and precious piece of Japan history.
Thanks a lot Pablo!
Antonio B. – Milano – Italia
Pablo, the sword arrived today, safe and sound. Wow! The pictures just didn’t do justice to the sword or the koshirae. Truly stunning. Patience has it’s virtues and now I can honestly say the wait was worth it!
Thank you so much for all your professionalism in helping me acquire this sword. You and your whole team deserve so much credit for presenting the sword so accurately, walking me through the acquisition and building of the koshirae, submission to NTHK-NPO and finally, intact delivery.
Please feel free to use me as a completely satisfied, (and impressed), client and reference.
Mike E., Indianapolis, IN

To Whom It May Concern:

In the Summer of 2013 I purchased an antique samurai sword through Pablo Kuntz and Unique Japan. This letter is a testimonial to the professional work and trustworthy nature of Pablo and Unique Japan.

As a repeat customer, I have no reservations recommending Pablo and Unique Japan to anyone who is considering these products. My enthusiastic endorsement is somewhat surprising even to myself, since I have never actually met Pablo nor any of his staff at Unique Japan in person. Making these purchases was a leap of faith that has been consistently rewarded, and I look forward to conducting more business with Pablo Kuntz and Unique Japan in the future.
Unlike what I imagine most Unique Japan customers to be like, I had no experience in antique swords and little to no experience with making substantial, international purchases. Throughout the process of reviewing the inventory, deciding on a sword, and then arranging and waiting for it to be delivered, Pablo remained unwaveringly patient and professional. My endless questions and ruminations never exhausted his seemingly endless patience, and his enthusiasm and expertise were an integral part of making conducting business with him both educational and enjoyable.
MCH, Northern California USA
In what may be an odd comparison (except to me since I am a long-time amateur guitarist), I must say that the Koyama Munetoshi katana compares favorably with my treasured Martin D-35 guitar – it’s extremely high quality and functional, yet without any excess or trivial adornments that would detract from its perfect “form is function” presence.
Perhaps that’s why musicians as diverse as Johnny Cash and Dave Matthews were/are fond of the D-35 Dreadnought.
Thanks again very much Pablo. The entire process has been professional and enjoyable. I wish you continued success in your business endeavors. You truly understand customer service, and it’s obvious you know and care about your products.
JEG, Pennsylvania
Former US Army officer
It makes me smile when I take the R4 Santoku from the block, and this happens more often now that I’ve changed the menu to include as much knife work as possible. The polished edge is devastatingly sharp. I feel myself reaching for a higher standard because I am wielding this knife.
It looks and feels perfect. It is a pleasure to use. I have other SG-2 knives and even some exotic R-2, but this is the best, and my favourite.
Thank you for making it available.

Ian McNaughton, Australia

I purchased an antique tanto through Unique Japan at the Spring 2010 Asian Bazaar held at Yokota Air Force base. I was shown on site how to clean the sword, got to see all of its certification paperwork and was given a very sensible layaway plan.

The sword arrived within days of Unique Japan mailing it, in a very securely wrapped box. Included with the sword was a brocade bag to store it in, a cleaning kit, the magazine ‘Introduction to Japanese Swords through Pictures‘ (detailing cleaning, tying knots and much more) and all of the sword’s certification.

All in all, I could not have had a more pleasant experience. Mr. Kuntz is both exceedingly professional and kind. I cannot thank him enough for his help and patience when there were errors transferring payments (all the fault of my bank). I would gladly recommend buying a sword through Unique Japan to anyone interested in owning an authentic Japanese sword.

SSgt K. Bakke, Yokota Air Force Base

UJ Knives are without doubt the best knives I have ever used. In fact I’ll never use another knife again!

Chef Justin Flodman / Hatfield Broad Oak, UK
Liz and Justin Flodman
Proprietors of The Duke’s Head

I wish I knew how to hug a person on the other side of the world. The replacement mug came in this morning and I am speechless.

Not only was it delivered in a remarkably short time but it is evident how much care was taken to ensure that it arrived safely. I am blown away by your thoughtfulness and I cannot thank you enough for it. I’ve never encountered such impressive service from any business, especially during the busy holiday season. It is so good to know that there are people out there who not only care about the quality of their business but who also care about their customers.
Thank you SO much for your all your time and attention.
Warm wishes and happy holidays!
Allison Tucker / Sherwood, AR

My [Igamono Warrior] sake set arrived today! The item is amazing, it was very well packaged and arrived promptly. Thank you again for such a great product, it was exactly what I was looking for!

Ron Hendrickson / Edmonton, Canada

Gentlemen, I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how pleased I am with my new knife (Santoku-bocho Multipurpose Knife). The quality is excellent and the shipping time was extremely quick. This is the most I have spent on a knife for cooking and it was a very good decision. I will refer your products to all I talk to. Thank You for the great product and service.
John Bright, Illinois, USA

I received the package today, and I’m definitely pleased with the engravings and the knives! (Unsui Traditional Knife Set)
Fletcher Mcneil II, US Navy

The engraved Damascus Santoku-bocho arrived this morning in perfect condition. It will be a wonderful present for our friend. Thank you again for all your help and the wonderful service.
M. Aichinger, Austria

Every time I use the knives (which is at least once per day, every day of the week), I tell myself that they were a great buy. They perform flawlessly and I like to look at them as much as use them. And the engraving makes them even cooler.

During my brief visit to Japan my time was limited enough that I was unable to find “just the right gifts” to bring home with me. Unique Japan provided me with a wide selection of items that helped me share my trip with my friends and relatives. Service was prompt and polite, and shipping was flawless.

Christopher S. Moore, DDS / Houston, Texas

You have once again outdone yourselves this year. My order arrived today. First of all, it was impeccably packaged. Everything I ordered arrived in perfect condition, and they were all exactly what I expected and as always better than I expected! Your products are simply lovely. Thank you for providing so much happiness to our family at Christmas!

Mary Carol Harrison / Avon, Connecticut

Perfect for a wedding gift.

Roberta Otis

Great Website… Fast Service and Delivery

Gordon Dawson

To Unique Japan, Your shipment of the beautiful Lacquer tray arrived today in perfect condition. Many thanks for your excellent service and product. This to be given as a wedding gift, I am sure it will be admired and treasured.
Peter / Ontario, Canada

Unique Japan has too many gorgeous things to talk about here. Suffice it to say that once you start looking at the site, you will want to stay. UJ not only describes each item in detail but also explains the craft that went into making it.

You may go there thinking you’ll only shop, but you’ll find yourself lingering and learning. The site has much to teach us about Japanese culture, its artisans, and its traditions. For many reasons, we’re lucky that UJ exists.
Pat Matsueda / Mindful Shopping http://mindfulshopping.wordpress.com

I was trying to find an original gift and I was lookin for it in many websites… finally I found this website…
there are many many things to buy… so I wasn’t able to decide what to buy… :) I recommend the kokeshi dolls, it’s so beautiful, cute and the best way of surprising someone! The service is great too, they always helped me in everything and the shipping was so fast.
If you are confused about what to buy… just enter here and you will find the perfect gift… really thanks for all!

Daniel Esquives / Madrid, Spain

I am happy to inform you, that my order was safely delivered 20 minutes ago. The set is beautiful and I am absolutely satisfied.
Thank you very much for your excellent work and your care of clients.
I will recommend your store to everyone who is interested in Japanese goods. I hope to return to Unique Japan, because your service is perfect.
Thank you again and best regards.

Liudmila Z. / Saint-Petersbourg, Russia

I was very impressed with my Unique Japan buying experience. The website has been an ideal one-stop shop for my gift giving needs. The broad selection of high quality items meant I could choose a variety of stunning gifts for delivery to our best customers. The order processing and delivery of items was also efficient and seamless, allowing me to quickly receive my authentic Japanese items – and these gifts were a huge hit with some of our key corporate accounts. I am so pleased with the exquisite products Unique Japan has available and I look forward to buying again soon. Thanks and keep up the great work!
Derrick, Corporate Sales / Vancouver, Canada

Dear Unique Japan team, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful chopsticks. I really admire your skilled work. Since I was about eight years old I have eaten with chopsticks almost always. Now when I am old, the food doesn´t taste good without them. So this pair I will use the rest of my life.
Else Abdallah / Hisings Kärra, Sweden