In this section of the Unique Japan website, we hope to provide our readers with helpful information that contains answers to commonly posed questions (FAQ), plus quality reference material to Japanese swords, a comprehensive glossary, plus articles on Japanese culture and whatever else we all find fascinating!
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (Private meetings, Placing Orders, Shipping, etc.)

*7 Points to Consider when Choosing Your Japanese Sword

*7 Reasons WHY I love Japanese swords

*Currently Available Antique Japanese Swords

*5 Steps to Owning an Authentic Japanese Samurai Sword

PARTS of a Japanese Sword and Mountings (High-quality images)

NBTHK Certification Paper Ranking for Japanese Swords

NTHK-NPO Certification Paper Ranking for Japanese Swords

BUILD your OWN Japanese Sword Koshirae and Daisho, recommended!

Appreciating the Japanese Sword (produced by the NBTHK, 7MB)

Essential Books on Japanese Swords and Culture

Japanese Sword Care and Etiquette (produced by the NBTHK, American Branch)

How does a Japanese sword get so hard (and sharp)?

Changes in the Shape of a Japanese Sword (over a period of 1,000 years)

NBTHK Issued Guide (PDF) to Different Hamon Types (Temper Patterns)

GLOSSARY of Japanese Samurai Sword Terms and Bushido Culture

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Ikebana – A Brief History

How to Best Care for Your Kitchen Knives (PDF)

Japanese Swords: Cutting Edge (Online Tour from the British Museum)