Delivery costs

On each product description page “Step 2” highlights the international shipping costs associated with the product. We offer FREE delivery for all shipments made within Japan (including APO and FPO), with the exception of Japanese swords.

How long before my product ships?
Unique Japan orders generally ship within one week, sometimes 2 weeks. We can assure you, it is more than worth the wait. Japanese swords take 4-6 weeks to prepare the necessary paperwork to legally export the swords internationally.
How long will it take to get here?
For domestic addresses, they arrive within 1-2 days of shipment (shipments to Okinawa take about 3-4 days).
For international deliveries, they arrive within about 5 days of shipment.
Will there be a tracking code?
Yes. Each international delivery is sent via EMS (Express Mail Service) that is equipped with a tracking code.
Will it look great?
Yes, of course. All shipments are professionally packaged safely and beautifully. More expensive items are insured as well.