R2 Damascus Chef’s Kitchen Knife (210mm / 8.2in)

Featuring 69 layers of Stainless Steel with a Powdered Steel Hagane Core


Shaped in traditional French Chef fashion, for many trained chefs and cookiing enthusiasts in Europe and North America this design would be preferred as their multipurpose knife in the kitchen. The Damascus 210mm (8.2in) Chef’s Knife (Gyuto) is superb for a great range tasks.


These kitchen knives were produced by Kirin Hamono exclusively for Unique Japan. Kirin Hamono has been crafting quality kitchen knives in Japan for more than 130 years – having established their guild just after the Meiji Restoration in 1868. This is a significant time in Japanese history as it marked the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and with it Japanese swords (katana) were no longer permitted to be worn in public by Samurai.
These knives are born by swordsmiths who simply channeled their katana expertise towards cutlery production to meet a new set of timely demands. Craftsmen working at Kirin Hamono STILL USE sword-making techniques to this day to forge kitchen knives, and are one of the last remaining workshops in Japan proudly doing so.
Kirin knives have been used by many top chefs in Japan that include Nobuo Murakami, the former head chef at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel and Komei Nakamura who was a champion Iron Chef. A “Kirin” is Japan’s most powerful fire-breathing mythical creature that is said to bring a good omen.


In today’s day and age, we at Unique Japan feel it’s increasingly important to support the men and women who continue to give their personal heart and soul into quality handcrafted products. Each purchase of a Kirin-made kitchen knife for Unique Japan directly supports these modern-day masters.
Your kitchen will in turn be filled with the human energy that went into crafting each and every knife. We absolutely promise you’ll feel the difference. Not only is it safer to use a sharp knife, your food will taste better. And most importantly, you’ll be noticeably inspired to eat healthy and enjoy the foods of life!


The beautiful and distinctive “Damascus” textured pattern formed on the blade distinguishes this knife from any other. A cross section of the blade reveals a total of 69 layers of interlocking hard and soft stainless steels. As with Japanese swords, this forging technique makes the knife unbelievably hard to break or bend thus providing lifelong durability. Carbon trace elements in the blade naturally form the stunning wood-grain swirls appearance.


The core of this R2 Damascus Chef’s knife, commonly referred to in Japan as the Hagane is made of Super G2 Powdered Stainless Steel. This particle metal process begins with a homogenous molten mixture that is forced under extremely high pressure into a spray of tiny, round droplets. The end result is an extremely fine-grained and uniform distribution of the alloys, thus offering much higher cutting performance than the traditional ingot pouring method.
It is important to remember that the Hagane does all the cutting. This is what truly matters. And this Hagane is of world-class quality. We know of no other Damacus kitchen knife made in Japan that undergoes such rigorous attention to detail. Its sharpness is second to none.


The Japanese kanji characters engraved on the knife spell out the name of Ohyama Eiju, a masterclass craftsman who lived in Koshinokuni. Each knife pays homage to the pioneers of supreme samurai-sword making craftsmanship. The UJ stamp below the characters gives the owner confidence in knowing that this knife is a genuine handcrafted product of Japan and meets the highest standards.


The laminated black handle, joined by a well-balanced bolster, is comprised of multiple, fused layers of wood making it extremely watertight and hygienic. It is comfortable and natural to hold and work with for right-handed or left-handed individuals.


A beautiful tailor-made black wooden sheath handcrafted in Japan is included to protect and safeguard the knife.


Hand-forged kitchen knives created in the ancient city of Takefu represent Japanese craftsmanship at its very finest. Dating back almost seven centuries to 1337, master swordsmith Chiyozuru Kuniyasu traveled from Kyoto to the Fukui prefecture looking for water most suitable to forge his samurai swords. His search ended in Koshinokuni, which later grew to be Takefu city.


  • Blade length: 210mm (8.2in)
  • Handcrafted in Takefu using traditional Japanese sword-making techniques (watch video)
  • Fabulously sharp and lightweight
  • 69-layer construction (Hagane = Powdered steel core) is wrapped by sixty-six layers of alternating hard and soft stainless steels with two decarbonization prevention layers
  • The Hagane contains high levels of Carbon (1.4%) for outstanding strength and Chromium (15%) that gives it excellent stain resistance. Other elements in this unique steel fomulation include Vanadium, Molybdenum and Cobalt.
  • Hardened to HRC 63-65 (Rockwell Scale)
  • Laminated black handle comprised of multiple, fused layers of wood making it extremely watertight and hygienic. It is comfortable and natural to hold and work with for right-handed or left-handed individuals.
  • Unique personalized engraving services are available on the blade of this knife (we will phonetically translate the desired name into Japanese characters). Just $10 per knife.
  • Each knife has its own unique character that is strikingly evident – no two knives are alike.
  • Each knife holds the soul and energy of the men and women who personally handcrafted it.


  • Genuine Handcrafted R2 Damascus Chef’s Knife 210mm / 8.2in from Takefu, Japan
  • A Beautiful Black Wooden Sheath is Included to Protect and Safeguard the Knife
  • Securely Packaged in Box with Printed Japanese Caligraphy on Cover
  • Printed Knife Care Instructions Included
  • Comprehensive Product Description (text that appears on this page)


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  • Authenticity: Guaranteed. A knife purchased from Unique Japan is a genuine Japanese master craftsmanship investment.

** If you are interested in purchasing larger quantities of this knife, please contact us directly.