Mumei Late Kamakura Katana

This sword was sold at the Yokota Fall Bazaar (October 16/17, 2010)






Late Kamakura (1288 – 1332)




Uchigatana Koshirae with black lacquer Shirasaya, wooden stand, maintenance kit, certificate of authentication and full registration.


This sword was made in the late Muromachi Period, but it was made shorter at a later period. The Nioi-kuchi is tight, which is desirable. Its Hamon is straight and discreet, and there is no damaged part. It is in fine condition.   
This sword was originally Tachi, then it was made shorter to be Katana; therefore, its length is a very long as Katana. There is a big mark that was hit by an enemy combatant around the Mune (the part of the blade closest to handle).
Notice how the curvature is focused on the upper third of the blade. The Hamon is distinctively straight with a compact chu-kissaki (ikubi). Many blades had been converted into katana in later periods by shortening or adjusting the Nakago.
This piece was likely kept in a Samurai family for a long time as a heroic symbol. The Koshirae was made in the Late Edo Period. This is a delightful sword from the great Kamakura period.