A Bizen no Suke Munetsugu Daisho 700


Behold a daisho of grand proportions.
This project has been in the making for much of 2014. Koyama Munetsugu is a maestro from the Shinshinto period, arguably the finest smith working in the Bizen tradition. The two swords that comprise this daisho are absolute gems.
The wakizashi is made in the structure of a Nagamaki naoshi with a large kissaki featuring a jizo-boshi. The katana is 4mm shy of an incredible 80cm cutting edge with a fabulous bo-hi (groove) extending the length of the blade to lighten this daito (grand sword).
The custom built daisho koshirae features formidable water dragons and phoenix depicted on the tsubas. The hilt and sageo are blue as the client has lived and worked near the ocean all his life. It shows a deep respect for the beauty, flexibility and power of water.
Born in 1802 in Shirakawa, Oshu, younger brother of Koyama Tadatsuna, Koyama Munetsugu was a member of the Kato Tsunahide Mon and studied under Tsunahide’s younger brother Chounsai Tsunatoshi.
Munetsugu went to Edo and worked as a retained swordsmith of Lord Matsudaira of the Kuwana family.
Munetsugu is rated by Fujishiro Jo-jo saku (highly superior smith) making him, without a doubt, one of the top smiths of the Shinshinto period.
What makes these swords extra special is that they were made towards the end of his illustrious career. The katana was produced in November 1863 (surely one of his last of swords at this length) and the wakizashi dated in May of 1861.
Interestingly enough, Munetsugu modified his nakago yasurime (file marks on the tang) from o-sujikai (greatly angled) early in his career to kiri (horizontal) in his twilight years. Note that both of these swords have a kiri nakago as they were completed when he was about 60 years old.
Also, any sword with o-kissaki by Munetsugu (as found on the wakizashi) must be considered very rare indeed as his blades tended to have a chu-kissaki.
Like all great master swordsmiths that worked centuries before Munetsugu, both the form and function of the blade meet at the very finest of levels.
A perfect harmony of beautiful workmanship, exquisite balance and a high-degree of cutting ability.
As such, both swords have achieved the prestigious rank of NTHK-NPO Yushuto (the sword organization’s highest honour, liken to NBTHK Juyo Token).
It was a great pleasure to complete this daisho for our client. It is certainly one that will be treasured for generations.
Please scroll to view images and discover information regarding this remarkable daisho.
Pablo Kuntz
Founder, Unique Japan

*Photos by Eric Bossick for Unique Japan

A Bizen no Suke Munetsugu Katana May 1863A Koyama Munetsugu Katana StatsA Koyama Munetsugu Wakizashi November 1861A Koyama Munetsugu Wakizashi StatsA Bizen no Suke Munetsugu Katana NakagoA Koyama Munetsugu Wakizashi November NakagoA Koyama Munetsugu Wakizashi Yushuto CertificateMunetsugu Katana -36-EditJizo Boshi of Koyama Munetsugu

Jizo and Midare Komi Boshi by Nagayama KokanA Bizen no Suke Munetsugu Wakizashi HamonA Bizen no Suke Munetsugu Katana TsukaMunetsugu Katana -29-EditMunetsugu Katana -30-EditMunetsugu Katana -32-EditPhoenix Daisho TsubaMunetsugu Katana -24-EditMunetsugu Katana -28-EditMunetsugu Katana -27-EditMunetsugu Katana -26-EditMunetsugu Katana -25-EditMunetsugu Katana -22-EditSteps to Building Your Own Koshirae - Unique JapanMunetsugu Katana -18-EditMunetsugu Katana -19-EditMunetsugu Wakizashi-6-EditMunetsugu Wakizashi-5-EditA Bizen no Suke Munetsugu DaishoMunetsugu Wakizashi-143Munetsugu Wakizashi-125Munetsugu Wakizashi-114Munetsugu Wakizashi-72Munetsugu Wakizashi-16Munetsugu Katana -159Munetsugu Katana -134Munetsugu Katana -59Munetsugu Katana -11-EditMunetsugu Katana -10-EditMunetsugu Katana -7-EditMunetsugu Katana -6-EditMunetsugu Wakizashi-16Munetsugu Wakizashi-114Munetsugu Wakizashi-125Munetsugu Wakizashi-155munetsugu_0512-Edit copyMunetsugu Wakizashi-7-Editmunetsugu_0512-EditMunetsugu Katana -15-EditMunetsugu Wakizashi-2-Edit

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